Working hours

Full-time working hours are 35 hours per week (7 hours per day). Flexible working applies as standard and should be accommodated where possible, incorporating fixed hour rotas and minimum staffing levels where appropriate. 

Full-time flexitime surplus/deficit should not exceed 35 hours.

Core working days are Monday to Friday. Weekend working is according to contract but is generally discouraged as far as possible.

Where applicable, core working hours (excluding flex-balance) are:
Start time: the later of 10am (local mean time) or dawn plus 1 hour.
Lunch allocation: flexi-minimum of 30 minutes; flexi-maximum of two hours; to be taken between noon and 2pm.
End time: the earlier of 4pm (local mean time) or dusk minus 1 hour.

Leave entitlement

Full-time staff receive 25 days (175 hours) of basic leave entitlement, plus Bank Holidays.

A small number of staff may be required to work on Bank Holidays, but this is strongly discouraged. Where it occurs, Bank Holiday working is paid at time and a half plus lieu.

In addition to the basic leave entitlement, the following Set leave dates apply (except when falling outside core working days):
  2° January
      + 3° January (only if falling on a Friday) 
  Summer Solstice (20° or 21° June)
      + the adjacent Monday or Friday if Summer Solstice falls on a Tuesday or Thursday
  Yuletide (21°, 22°, 23°, 24°, 27°, 28°, 29°, 30° and 31° December)
      + 20° December (only if falling on a Monday)
  Full Moon days, when not coincident with the above 
(if Full Moon falls on a Tuesday, the holiday is taken on the adjacent Monday (unless that Monday is a Bank Holiday); if Full Moon falls on a Thursday, the holiday is taken on the adjacent Friday (unless that Friday is a Bank Holiday); if Full Moon falls on a Wednesday, and a Bank Holiday (or any of the Set leave days above) falls on a Monday or Friday in the same week, the Full Moon day is taken on the Tuesday or Thursday adjacent to the other holiday)
+ any single working day surrounded by weekend / holidays as a consequence of the above measures.

The number of the above dates varies from year to year but is usually above 15. As with Bank Holidays, some staff will be required to work on these days, but this is discouraged if possible. Where this occurs, work is paid at the standard rate plus lieu.

Bank Holidays and set days apply for part-time staff unless specifically stated in the contract. If a Bank Holiday falls outside normal working hours it is taken in lieu (pro-rata). If a Set day falls outside normal working hours it is NOT taken in lieu. Basic leave entitlement is calculated pro-rata.

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