Staff identification number (SIN)

For the purposes of record keeping within Xenon, all staff are issued with an identification number. An individual's SIN also doubles as their user ID login for most online systems.

The process for generating this number is automated, and uses a simplified, achromatic iteration of a partial eN5 encryption. Owing to the nature of eN5 encryption, SIN length is variable, but generally falls within five to seven numbers.

The seed for the SIN uses the first letter of the preferred forename, the first two letters of the surname, and the final letter of the surname, plus an ascending ordinal for deduplication purposes. Where letters map chromatically, adjacent letters are employed.

While the SIN bears no direct relationship with a staff member's name, the prospect of partial (or in some cases whole) decryption means that we are willing to reassign SIN numbers for a change of name. Please note that such a reassignment is not conducted as a matter of course and must be specifically requested.

Principle of the SIN

Many staff-members are intrigued as to how their number relates to their name. While the finer details of the eN5 encryption must necessarily be withheld in the interests of security, the following thumbnail offers a basic summary:
J o h n    S m i t h    A

The seed letters for John Smith should be J, S, M and H, but M is a chromatic character in eN5, so is replaced by the neighbouring letter I. A denotes that this is the first J-S-I-H seed to be issued. The corresponding output for this seed is therefore 445979.

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